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Our Approach

Etico Employment Services is in business to provide exceptional value to our clients, employees and business partners.  To not deviate from our core values that represents the highest standards in ethical business operations, communications and community engagement.

Our Story

Core Value

Our overriding guiding principle is to conduct our business ethically in every aspect. We feel so strongly about it that we made Ethics our brand name. ETICO is the Spanish word for Ethical, and it is Ethics that is at the very heart of who we are and how we work. Whether you are a company in need of workforce solutions or you are someone seeking a new job, you can expect the following from Etico:

  • Dedication, passion, enthusiasm and pride in our work
  • Exceptional focus, and a relentless work ethic to produce results
  • Exceptional quality and attention to detail
  • Personal responsibility and accountability for our actions.
  • Honest and forthright communications
  • Responsive personal attention to your requests
  • Teamwork and collaboration to identify the best solutions for you.
  • Fairness, courtesy, dignity and respect for every individual.

Why Partner with Etico?

Our team will maintain a dedicated purpose that will not deviate from our core value. With a combined experience of more than 70 years in the staffing industry, we have the ability to design and deliver remarkable results for those we serve and a level of commitment unmatched in the staffing industry.

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Karin Clarke-Somogyi

Etico Employment Services Founder, President & CEO

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A letter from our founder...

With almost 30 years in the Staffing Industry, I have had the unique opportunity to work for some of the most recognized corporations in this industry.  Most of the time I observed a high level of quality and dedication to customer requirements and I was proud to represent those organizations, but too often decisions were made that were not always in the best interest of the client, the candidate, or even employees due to financial pressures or the need to satisfy Wall Street.

In founding my own staffing company I intend to lead with a mindset of  “Do the right thing”, sometimes this may result in a financial loss.  In the long term, enduring, trusting relationships mean more to me than profit, and by always striving to do the right thing, I believe success and financial reward will follow.

The culture of my organization is also important , there will be opportunities for everyone involved to take on new challenges, to learn and grow with the organization and have fun in the process.  Training will be a core component of staff development for leadership roles and positions of responsibility.  Support for local charities will be a big part of our desire to contribute to the local community from which we draw our talented workforce. We intend to support local schools, and technical training colleges that will teach and train the workforce of the future.

Fostering an environment where individuals can thrive and be happy in their work has always been important to me in my career and will certainly continue as we move forward with growing Etico Employment Solutions.

I hope we will soon have the opportunity to work together.  I absolutely love this industry and have a strong passion for working and collaborating with people and business professionals.

I look forward to demonstrating how a small company like mine can deliver big results with a very dedicated, caring, and enthusiastic approach to our work and our relationship with you.

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